Saturday, December 27, 2014

ABC is for Christmas

How is everyone's Christmas holidays going?  I just love the gorgeous illustrations in this Little Golden Book, ABC is for Christmas, written by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated  by Sally Augustiny.  
We had a nice Christmas Day in spite of my husband and 2 older daughters being quite sick with a bad cough and fever.  Now my husband is getting a bit better but now the baby has it.  Not good. 

We had a green Christmas this year, it's been a few years since that happened, and my 8 year old is disappointed that it doesn't look very Christmas-y outside.  At least we have electricity!  Last year's ice storm threw everyone in our area for a loop last year in the week leading up to Christmas.  At my house we were ok as we were only out of power for 13 hours.  But many people we know had it a lot worse!  
In the week coming up I am looking forward to more get-togethers with family and friends.  My husband has the week off work so I will have help with the kids all week, yay!  Thank goodness as it would have been hard to manage all these sick kids without his help!  See you in the New Year, everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eloise Wilkin - We Help Daddy and We Like Kindergarten

More of Eloise Wilkin's wonderful work for you today - We Help Daddy - I have a tiny as well as regular size version, and We Like Kindergarten.  I feel like We Help Daddy is a good reminder to me to try to let the kids 'help' when we can, even if it slows us down.  My 8 year old has become a good helper with her younger 2 sisters.  She does not like doing chores but she does like to do special jobs like helping to bake a cake.  We Like Kindergarten brought back a few special memories of my own kindergarten class - I remember the classroom had an upstairs loft - how cool is that!  I vaguely remember being Mary in the Christmas play and being cheerily competitive with a little boy in the class over who was the best reader - we were the only 2 in the class who could read already.  I even have a sweet picture of me and a few friends at a sleepover and I am reading a bedtime story to everyone while we are cozied up in our pajamas.