Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gyo Fujikawa Board Books

Hellooooo!  I have really neglected my poor blog terribly lately.  I have 3 adorable board books illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa today - Can You Count? , Sleepy Time, and Let's Play.  It's hard to decide what's cuter - Gyo's illustrations of animals, or children.  Things here are busy as usual with my own children - my oldest daughter recently turned 8 and my youngest is about to turn 1 so I've been drowning in party planning.  My middle daughter started pre-school this fall and has really been enjoying it.  And my oldest started taking violin lessons - she wants to learn fiddle style and to play like Natalie McMaster. :) We had a fun Halloween - Keira dressed up as Venus, the goddess of love and happiness, Tegan was Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars) and Brielle was SuperGirl.