Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gyo Fujikawa Board Books

Hellooooo!  I have really neglected my poor blog terribly lately.  I have 3 adorable board books illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa today - Can You Count? , Sleepy Time, and Let's Play.  It's hard to decide what's cuter - Gyo's illustrations of animals, or children.  Things here are busy as usual with my own children - my oldest daughter recently turned 8 and my youngest is about to turn 1 so I've been drowning in party planning.  My middle daughter started pre-school this fall and has really been enjoying it.  And my oldest started taking violin lessons - she wants to learn fiddle style and to play like Natalie McMaster. :) We had a fun Halloween - Keira dressed up as Venus, the goddess of love and happiness, Tegan was Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars) and Brielle was SuperGirl.  


  1. These are the BEST books!!!!!!!! The BEST!!!!!!!!!! What great costumes your girls had - and congrats to your 8 yr old! 8 is great!

  2. Beautiful books!!! Those illustrations are so sweet. I love Fujikawa! Good luck with the birthday planning!!! I am in the same boat and it's really draining LOL

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    1. Thanks Danzel! Did your girls have a great time trick or treating?

  4. It’s hard to choose a favourite. I like the cover of C you count, but then again, I love the last illustration from Let’s play, so I will just have to say I like them.
    Life is always very busy when you have small children, I remember ‘the party years’ well. We only have one son, but we also did most of the parties for our two grandsons because their mum was working. They are all grown up now and our little granddaughters are in Australia, so we don’t get involved with parties any more. It’s sad but on the other hand, it gives us lots of time to do other things. My book selling and two blogs take up loads of time and Terry is very much in to photography (freelance for the local paper) so we keep busy. Your Halloween does sound like a lot of fun. We went up to London for the day (to see the poppies at the tower), and ended up spending most of the evening sitting outside a small café on the side of the Thames. Loads of youngsters were dressed up for Halloween so we felt we had the best of both worlds.

    1. Barbara I am sorry I forgot to respond to this comment! Such a lovely one too as it gave me a window into your world! Great to get to know you through the blog world. :)