Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vintage Comic Book - Marvel Special Edition - Star Wars

A first for my blog - a vintage comic book!  This one is my husband's- from 1978!  He was and is a big Star Wars fan. He was a big comic book fan too and still has a lot of his comic books. I never saw the Star Wars movies as a kid but I do remember watching the tv cartoon spin-off called Droids - watch the clip here.  I also love this clip of C3PO and R2D2 visiting Sesame Street.  


  1. I remember seeing these comics in the 70s! Our son was/is a big Star Wars fan, and I must admit to loving the films. I have lots of happy memories of birthday parties with a star wars theme and trips to the cinema to see the films. I must have the ‘photos somewhere, mind you Steven wouldn’t thank me if I shared them online! Have a lovely day. Barbara. x

    1. Thanks Barbara, so great to have Star Wars memories isn't it!