Monday, July 29, 2013

Robert Lopshire

Posted by PicasaTwo books written and illustrated by Robert Lopshire here today - How to Make Flibbers, Etc., and Put Me in the Zoo.  I love these books from my childhood.  The illustration style here reminds me a lot of Roy McKie.  Put Me in the Zoo was published in 1960 so my mom remembers it from her childhood as well - it's nice to have her read it out loud to my daughter.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Child's Garden of Verses - Illustrated by Hilda Boswell

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Scored this gorgeous book for a quarter!  Illustrated by Hilda Bowell in 1963.  A Child's Garden of Verses, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, was first published in 1885.  Did you know that it first appeared under the title 'Penny Whistles'?  I especially like reading the poem 'The Swing' to my kids.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mary Blair

Posted by PicasaWell, I haven't been doing very well so far at getting back to blogging more regularly!  Hopefully now that my scanner issues are worked out I will do better.  Here is the glorious Mary Blair Treasury of Golden Books.  As I turn each page I think to myself "Oh my goodness.  Gorgeous."  It is definitely a treasure.  Mary Blair is best known for her work with Disney, especially the It's a Small World ride which was based on her designs.  Check out my friend Danzel's awesome Mary Blair Pinterest Board for more of Blair's amazing work as well as the YouTube video below.