Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lilian Obligado


Posted by PicasaTwo books illustrated by Lilian Obligado for you today.  The cover of the first one, the Golden Sturdy Shape book, reminded me of something that I still have from childhood.  Check out these pictures I took of my Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe piggy bank.  As you can see from the bottom of the 'shoe' - my aunt Vicki made it in 1981 for me. Isn't it adorable?  I don't have a ton of things still from my childhood but this managed to to make it unscathed.  It now resides in my 1-year-old's room on her shelf.  


  1. That Shoe Piggy Bank is adorable! What a lovely thing to have kept from your childhood!

  2. LOVE the piggy bank! glad you still have it :) wonderful!

  3. Thanks for sharing these pretty books and your Shoe Piggy Bank! Lovely post.