Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Little Kittens/The Shy Little Kitten

Three Little Kittens is the first Little Golden Book, illustrated by Masha, in 1942.  The Shy Little Kitten, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, (who also illustrated The Poky Little Puppy), is also one of the original 12 Little Golden Books.  My 2 oldest daughters, Keira and Tegan, each have a stuffed animal cat as their best buddy that they bring everywhere.  (Baby Brielle doesn't have a favourite animal yet!)  Keira's cat is named Fiddlesticks and Tegan's cat is named Cat.  


  1. Aww, two of my favorites! I have a copy of The Shy Little Kitten from its earliest days, and it's a much longer book than the one in print now. Alas, it's missing the front cover and the first couple of pages are ripped in half. Such a bummer.

  2. What an adorable book! I have a soft spot for kitten! And that's a pretty cute mole too! Thank you for sharing these lovely images!