Saturday, September 29, 2012

The World of Eric Carle - Part 2

These are some pics from Eric Carle's 'Animals Animals'.  Such a cool book full of poems and artwork.  Look at the first poem - butterflies in the snow - yes that would be a wonderful sight!  We also have Lewis Carroll's 'How Doth the Little Crocodile', and I love this Giraffe poem - 'Because.  Because, because, that's why!' The last picture here is of some pages from The Very Hungry Caterpillar that I mod-podged onto a canvas to put on the walls of my daughter's room.  I love this cheery sun and peaceful moon.
Enjoy this video of Eric Carle discussing his most famous book and his illustration style.

It is a dream of mine to go to this place - The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.  It opened 10 years ago.  The Museum has a collection of more than 10,000 picture book illustrations, 3 art galleries, an art studio, a theatre, educational programs, etc.  It hosts storytimes, art classes, classes for educators, lectures, musicals, and rotating exhibits about different illustrators and book characters - right now there are some about Ezra Jack Keats and Maisy Mouse.  HOW COOL IS THIS PLACE???!!  If I lived in Massachusetts I would totally go there all the time with my kids and if I was still teaching you know I would totally be rocking the class field trips there every year!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The World of Eric Carle - Part 1


It's been a long time in between posts!  My poor baby has a yucky cold - she is waking up all night screaming because she can't breathe properly.  Anyway here is the fabulous Eric Carle!!!  He has illustrated more than 70 books.  His most famous, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, was first published in 1969.  Here's a couple pics of some of his books that we have - will include some more scans in the next post.  I was excited to find this little board book collection - I am a sucker for mini board books!  Which Eric Carle book is your favourite?  So many to choose from!  I am also posting here some pictures of my daughter Tegan's first birthday party in May.  My local public library was kind enough to let me borrow their Very Hungry Caterpillar big food shapes that they use for storytelling - score!!  They were such a cool way to decorate to go with the theme!  As you can see I just stuck them on the walls with duct tape.  I cut out small food shapes to stick on the loot bags.  And Pinterest came in handy for making Tegan's caterpillar with pictures of each month of her life and for making the caterpillar cake/cupcake combo.  Oh and did you notice her outfit?  Found it on Etsy!!  In case you can't see it very well it's a '1' with a caterpillar on it.  More about Eric Carle in the next post...

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silly Willy Nilly Old Bear


Beautiful words from A.A. Milne's When We Were Very Young (yep, some inspiration for my blog title there) and When We Were Six.  My daughter will be turning 6 soon...can't believe it.  A sweet Golden Shape book of Winnie the Pooh here too.  I'm also including a video of Robin the Frog from the Muppet Show singing 'Halfway Down the Stairs', from When We Were Very Young.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Garth Williams books


Rambling story for you -So this summer my 5-year-old had the idea that she wanted to have a Book Club/Reading Club with her friends.  So funny because I had actually had the same idea a couple weeks before, but had not mentioned it to her.  So we had 4 of her friends over - we read all of the Mo Willems books out loud, did some Pigeon activity pages, made Pigeon hats, had a special snack, and just played for a while.  Very fun, we'll try to do it a few times through the year with different authors or themes I think.  Anyway part of the Book Club playdate was also that we asked her friends to bring some books that they were done with, and my daughter Keira and I would gather them all together and take them somewhere to donate.  I did some research and found a wonderful charity set up by 2 young teenagers - they decided to start asking for donations of children's books to fly up to a First Nations reserve where they just don't have very many resources.  Amazing that they are doing this! Anyhoo, all this to say that we drove to the mall where there is a special drop-off spot to donate these books - but then we found a used bookstore in the same mall- sooo we ended up quickly re-filling our bookshelf space with more books to replace the ones that we gave away!  LOL.  I was excited to see a big pile of Little Golden Books at this store and these were a few of the ones we bought.  Garth Williams' drawings are so sweet - he illustrated about 97 books, and about a dozen were Golden Books.  Here we have Animals' ABC and Home for a Bunny.
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Friday, September 7, 2012

On My Way to Where the Air is Sweet...

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Here are 3 Sesame Street Little Golden Books.  The first one - I Think That it is Wonderful - is full of sweet poems.  Be sure to watch the YouTube video for the song version of the title poem- adorable.  My daughters and I recently watched the Sesame Street Old School dvd's and I think I enjoyed them even more than they did. So fun to see clips that I had totally forgotten about and have them whoosh me back to childhood.  Exciting to hear they are going to do a Volume 3 dvd! Also fun to see characters that you don't really see anymore on the modern episodes - Prairie Dawn!  Sherlock Hemlock!  The Count! Herry Monster!  BARKLEY!!!  Aaahhh, those were the days.  :)  The next book, The Poky Little Puppy Comes to Sesame Street, makes me laugh, because it makes me think that the publishers were thinking- Hmm, what 2 cute things can we mash up together....??  Sesame Street?  Cute!  The Poky Little Puppy?  Cute!  A perfect match!!  Let's make some money!!  Heehee... this book is not technically 'vintage' as it was published in the 90's, but I'm including it anyway, especially since The Poky Little Puppy is a vintage character.  The last book is Big Bird's Red Book - that fruit cart guy you see there was in the Old School dvd's quite a bit - can't remember if he actually has a name...

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