Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Garth Williams books


Rambling story for you -So this summer my 5-year-old had the idea that she wanted to have a Book Club/Reading Club with her friends.  So funny because I had actually had the same idea a couple weeks before, but had not mentioned it to her.  So we had 4 of her friends over - we read all of the Mo Willems books out loud, did some Pigeon activity pages, made Pigeon hats, had a special snack, and just played for a while.  Very fun, we'll try to do it a few times through the year with different authors or themes I think.  Anyway part of the Book Club playdate was also that we asked her friends to bring some books that they were done with, and my daughter Keira and I would gather them all together and take them somewhere to donate.  I did some research and found a wonderful charity set up by 2 young teenagers - they decided to start asking for donations of children's books to fly up to a First Nations reserve where they just don't have very many resources.  Amazing that they are doing this! Anyhoo, all this to say that we drove to the mall where there is a special drop-off spot to donate these books - but then we found a used bookstore in the same mall- sooo we ended up quickly re-filling our bookshelf space with more books to replace the ones that we gave away!  LOL.  I was excited to see a big pile of Little Golden Books at this store and these were a few of the ones we bought.  Garth Williams' drawings are so sweet - he illustrated about 97 books, and about a dozen were Golden Books.  Here we have Animals' ABC and Home for a Bunny.
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  1. Your book club sounds like a fabulous idea. The girls and I thought about doing something like that this summer. I still have storytime stuff in the garage, and there are activity pages galore on the publishers' websites. We never did it, though. Sigh.

    I love Garth Williams. I don't have Animals' ABC! I need that one...

  2. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!! fun fun fun! Clever you! Oh I love Garth. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Garth. I have some Garth love coming later in the month, or in October. There can never be enough Garth love!!!!

  3. Your daughters book club sounds absolutely delightful! I want to do that with my kids. I love that she thought up the idea... cute! Garth Williams is always a delight :)

    1. Thanks Robyn, we had fun and hope to do it again - you guys should definitely do it too!