Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mary Poppins

Posted by PicasaHere is a beautiful picture book about Mary Poppins.  It is a 'Disney Storybook Favorite' - a modern re-print of what was originally a Little Golden Book in 1964, illustrated by Beverly Edwards and Leon Jason.  This picture book - 'Mary Poppins - A Jolly Holiday' - is an adaptation from the movie, not from the chapter book by P.L Travers.  Right now I am reading the first of the Mary Poppins chapter books to my 6-year-old and remembering the days when I lived inside these books for a time as a child.  


When I was Googling for images of the P.L. Travers books, I came across an article about some of the differences between the movie and the book.  I was saddened to read a few comments about how some people hadn't even known it was a book, they had only known about the movie!

I was VERY EXCITED to read on Wikipedia that a movie called "Saving Mr. Banks" is in the works!!  It's a movie about the production of the movie Mary Poppins!  (How meta is that - a movie about a movie??)  It's going to star Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L Travers!  Wow!!

Enjoy this beautiful clip of the song "Feed the Birds"  from the Mary Poppins movie.


  1. FUN Leanne!!!! I'm usually up on my movie news and I had NO idea about this movie in the works! Oh I'm so excited! What a lovely book. It strikes a chord, I wonder if I had something like this when I was young? Or maybe it looks familiar b/c Julia watches the movie almost every other week :)

    1. I think the movie is supposed to come out around Christmastime!

  2. What a lovely book! I must look for it now :)

  3. Weirdness - Mary Poppins is on my TV right now. The oldest put it in the VCR, then went outside. No one is even watching it right now. But we all love this movie. And while I am well aware that it's based on a series of books, I admit I haven't read the books. I thought they would be something I read with the girls, once we whittle our stack down. The upcoming movie sounds awesome!!!

  4. I love Mary Poppins... I have three of the original books printed sometime during the 1960's. I also found a first edition movie based Little Golden Book but didn't purchase it due to the inside being thrashed.

  5. Thanks for the movie info! That sounds awesome. I'm a huge Mary Poppins fan. My mom gave me a really old Mary Poppins book not long ago. It's in pretty rough condition but still a neat treasure- I need to post on it. :)

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  7. Love it! The leaping into the chalk art bit is my fav part of the Mary Poppins movie by far. Penguin waiters? Racing merry go round horses? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a la Cockney band? I mean really, what's NOT to love about it!:)

    SO EXCITED to hear about the movie, it sounds awesome!! It will be a wonderful Christmastime treat to look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I don't know Beverly Edwards or Leon Jason but I love their illustrations - I will be looking out for there names now.

  9. What a lovely picture book. I just recently read Mary Poppins last month as I had never read it as a child.