Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary


A while back I picked up these Golden Book Illustrated Dictionaries from a used book sale.  The covers are illustrated by Harry McNaught and various artists did the inside work. McNaught also illustrated a number of Sesame Street books and Wizard of Oz books in the Little Golden style.

When I was a kid I read a LOT.  I don't think I ever actually read the whole dictionary but I did read through a set of children's encyclopedias that we had at one point.  Back then our school library and city library did not have a ton of selection- nowadays there is just so much out there for kids and young adults to read.  My 7-year-old has the wonderful problem of having too many books that she wants to get through.  We buy a lot of books for her, and she visits the school library every week as well as the city library once in a while, although not as often as we did when she was not in school full-time yet. She's really hooked on the Geronimo Stilton series lately.  One of these days I should count up all the children's books we have in our house.

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  1. My school's library back in the days, was really small and I probably read everything by the time I graduated LOL You found a truly beautiful book! (I can never find good books at garage sales!)

    1. I don't go to too many garage sales but Jane you should try this

  2. You would not believe the trouble I have selling picture dictionaries. I loved them and spent hours looking at them when I was a child. I suppose the Internet has just about taken over the supply of information. It makes me happy reading about the books in your home. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year, Barbara.

  3. Thanks so much Barbara, it makes me happy to share these books with those who appreciate and enjoy them!