Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Surprise Doll

An adorable Wonder Book for you all today - The Surprise Doll, illustrated by Steffie Lerch in 1949.  As I flip through it, it gives off that lovely 'old book' smell.  I love the character Mary's doll collection from around the world and also the doll that looks just like her.
  My daughters have never really been into dolls that much.  These days they play with stuffed animals , My Little Ponies, Lego, Playmobil, etc.  Tegan just turned 4 and had her Lightning McQueen themed party .  Why do they only market that to boys, by the way??  So annoying !  Tegan is also drawing (scribbling) and doing stickers like crazy these days.  Keira , age 8, is busy with reading (lots of the How to Train Your Dragon series lately ), Minecraft, and practising violin.  And Brielle , my 1 year old?  Well she basically makes messes all day long !  It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and I'm hoping the fireworks don't wake any of my 3 kids up!  


  1. Oh, cute! I love old book smells. I could use a break from dolls around here. My youngest is out to drive me crazy. ;)

  2. I lost touch with your blog for a while, glad to have found you again. I live with the old book smell as I sell old books - it's the best perfume in the world.