Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Richard Scarry

 Some more Richard Scarry books here - I had never heard of Tinker and Tanker until recently, how about you?  There are a few books about them. I would love to have a 'Busytown' themed birthday party for one of my girls one day.  Forgot to mention in the last Richard Scarry post that included in our Scarry swag is the Busytown Eye Found It board game and also the Busy, Busy Airport game.  So cute. 
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  1. Oh, how cute! Richard Scarry books are so cheerful.

  2. We have the ABC book! I had it as a kid and it was one of the ones we kept all these years. My daughter loves it.

    I like how these characters and illustrations are still essentially the same now as they were then.

  3. As a small child I spent hours and hours pouring over Scarry books- all those bright colors and little details. Wonderful

  4. My son loved Richard Scarry. Thanks for sharing all these great pics.

  5. We love Richard Scarry! So must fun with all the action in the pictures

    Thanks for linking up with Cozy Book Hop!