Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Here is Summer - illustrated by the awesome Roy McKie.  So how many of these activities in the pictures have YOU been doing this summer?  I love the sense of the freedom and fun of childhood in these pictures.  Makes me think of my own childhood. Endless days of riding bikes aimlessly around the neighbourhood, or maybe to the corner store for a treat, barbequed steaks that were my Opa's masterpieces, Family Olympics with my Grampa and aunts/uncles/cousins, long car trips with my parents and brother/sister,  going on the old rickety roller coaster at the fairground, drinking from the hose, and long uninterrupted stretches of time with my beloved books.  So far this summer with my daughters, we have been having lots of playdates with friends, and my older daughter has been doing swimming lessons/soccer/Kindermusik with her baby sister/kids cooking classes... so fairly busy, but still plenty of time to use her imagination and to relax.  She is great at coming up with interesting things to draw, to build, or to act out.  Since her baby sister came along she now has another person to involve in her play so she loves that!
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