Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Hair Book

Posted by PicasaJust found this book the other day at my local children's consignment store - The Hair Book, illustrated by the awesome Roy McKie.  My oldest daughter Keira was born with black hair.  Her name actually means 'black-haired', by coincidence.  But throughout her first year, all her hair fell out - for a while she looked like a little old man with a bald fringe!  Towards the end of her first year her hair started growing back in again - blond.  It started getting longer and became very curly and wavy. My hair was wavy as a child and my husband's was curly. At times it has been hard to deal with de-tangling Keira's hair.  And don't even get me started on the year she got lice twice!  Now at almost age 7 (birthday is this weekend) her hair has become more of a light brown colour and is not quite as curly as it was when she was younger but it is still definitely quite wavy - it's very cute.  Now on to Tegan - my 2.5 year old.  Her hair is still very short and baby-ish.  Not much there to work with, and it is very blond.  I see a bit of curl in there so I wonder if it will turn out like her sister's.  When she was born her hair was a bit more of a reddish-brown.  Both of my daughters also went through a weird phase as toddlers where they liked to rip strands of their hair out.  My doctor said it was just one of those weird habits that toddlers sometimes get into as a comfort measure - I thought it so strange that they both came up with the same habit though!  They even liked to put the strands of hair in their mouths - ewww!  They never actually ingested it, but it was still gross.  My third daughter is due in a few weeks - I wonder if she will have hair when she is born or if she will be a baldie.  :)


  1. Too cute! My girls have blonde straight hair like me. Big Sis had a full of glossy blonde hair at birth. As she grew, it stuck up everywhere in a spiky mess, and I'd put cute headbands on her. Little Sis was pretty bald, and stayed that way for a while. Her hair came in in spiky tufts, too, only paler. She had cotton candy hair. It's still hard to tame, even though it's straight.

    And this book looks so cute!

  2. Your hair story is so funny and cute! My boy was bald until he finally started getting hair around one year old. My daughter was all the contrary, she was born with a head full of hair but my husband shaved her head saying her hair was weak. It is growing back but very slowly!

    The book is hilarious! I laughed at the maypole!

    A few weeks only? She must be so heavy to carry around now! Take good care of yourself and try to rest all you possibly can! (which I know is hard with 2 kids running around!)

    1. Thanks- I am trying to take it easy here and there - I'm exhausted! Hopefully this baby won't arrive as late as my other two did - Keira was 6 days 'overdue' and Tegan was 7 days late!

  3. This is such a sweet book and enjoyed hearing about your children. How exciting to think you will have a new baby soon. We have two tiny granddaughters - Zoe Rose and two and a half and Lilly Grace aged one and a half.

  4. Awesome is right! What a find!