Friday, November 23, 2012

My Prayers - Whitman Tell-a-Tale

Posted by PicasaLove these cute pics from Whitman Tell-a-Tale's "My Prayers" - especially the Sunday outfits and the beautiful little white church.  I still remember when my older daughter was 3 and she prayed - "God, please help me not to be scared of the vacuum cleaner".  Hahaha!  Another funny story is when we were attending a church that met in a movie theatre - every time we drove by a theatre she would say - "Look, there's church!" At that age she didn't know that building was usually for movies, or what a typical classic church building looked like!

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  1. Cute stories! I love old Whitmans. Such sweet illustrations.

  2. What adorable books. I love these classic books - I'm so glad you share them with Cozy Book Hop!